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Window Cleaning Gold Coast

The team at Coastal Window Cleaning pride themselves on the level of consistent quality they bring to customers on a daily basis. When we think about customer service we understand your needs as a consumer. When we visit your home to service your windows we make sure that you feel comfortable with our service and pleasantly surprised with the little things we do to make sure that you feel respected and comfortable with every one of our team. 

What should you expect from us?

When using Coastal Window Cleaning at your place of business or home you should expect not only a fantastic result but also for the area we clean to be left clean and presentable. If excess water is used to clean windows we will always mop it up and provide clear signage to ensure the highest safety standard is upheld. The safety of your customers is paramount to us and we understand that your business has a reputation to uphold. You should also expect for all members of our team to be courteous and respectful to all who enter/work at your business, whether it be a friendly hello or assisting where needed we are there not only to clean your windows but also be of assistance where needed.

For the best Gold Coast Window Cleaning service at your home call Window Cleaning Gold Coast! We have specialised in residential window cleaning for over 8 years now and can confidently say that we set the standard. No job is too big or too small for us. When working inside your house we take off our shoes and ask kindly that you move and items that may be hindering us from getting to those dirty windows! We do this because we understand how much those items mean to you and we would never want to break or damage any of your precious items. When we enter the inside of your home will will always remove our shoes unless instructed to do otherwise, there is nothing worse than having to clean up after a cleaner!

Call today to secure your appointment and say no to dirty glass but yes to clean windows!




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